Foreign bill proposes college for training diplomats

Kenya will establish a Foreign Service Institute if the Foreign Service Bill 2015 becomes law.

The institute will be under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be headed by a board of eight members. The chairman will be appointed by the Cabinet Secretary, Foreign Affairs. The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for all matters finance at the institute.

The functions of the institute include training and offering programs that enhance skills of the staff members working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The service will also conduct foreign policy research, analysis and dissemination of information of Kenya’s foreign policy.

The Foreign Service Institute will also advise the Government on foreign policy. It will also establish a data bank of Kenya Foreign Service professionals, past and present.

The Cabinet Secretary will appoint three members of the board. The secretary of the Public Service Commission and the Director General of Kenya School of Government will also be members.

An executive director will be appointed and serve as the board’s secretary. Members are supposed to meet the requirements of Chapter 6 of the constitution on leadership and integrity.

They must also have a post graduate degree from a recognised university in a relevant discipline including foreign and diplomatic relations, and any other requirements of the Public Service Commission.

The executive director of the Foreign Service Institute will be recruited and appointed by the Cabinet Secretary Foreign Affairs on recommendation of the Board. He/she will be on a five year renewable contract.

The Bill states “Without prejudice, the Board will have powers to: control, supervise and administer the assets of the institute in such a manner as best promotes the purposes of which the institute is established.”

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