Mining a shining example under Jubilee

The last three years of the jubilee administration have seen a huge increase in revenue deposited with the treasury increase to billions of shillings following the streamlining of the mining sector.

This included better regulation in the licensing procedure, conducting of geological area surveys and monitoring of mining companies in the country to ensure they do not steal from the country and only benefit themselves.

The Online Transactional Mining Cadastre system set up last year February is a computerized register of mining rights as well as a management tool for licensing and concessioning.

The ministry established an internationally accredited Mineral Certification Laboratory that will offer mineral testing and analysis services to the East African region and African.

In addition, mining benefits local communities as they receive 10% of the profits from the minerals mined in their environment.

The Mining Bill 2016 before the senate proposes 70 per cent of the proceeds to go to the State, 20 per cent to the County and the 10 per cent to the communities.

The ministry has also undertaken an analytical analysis of minerals in Kenya, which will be used to develop a 20 year Mining Strategy.

The Geological Data Bank has started and acts as a repository centre, where relevant geological data and information shall be readily available to interested investors.

For legal work, the Mining Bill 2014when it becomes law it will help repeal the legislation relating to mining, once enacted into law.

The proposed law will enable the ministry to establish a simple, clear, transparent, and predictable legal framework for the management of mineral resources in Kenya.

The ministry has prepared a draft Mining Policy to address gaps in mining and form the basis for review of the outdated Mining Act of 1940.

The discovery of oil in the country is another major boost in the mining sector. The ministry is currently drafting 16 regulations operationalize the upcoming law.

The Mining Bill is in the process of becoming a Law in the country, and it introduces major reforms to attract Mining Investors.


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