Land survey has gone digital in Kenya

The survey of Kenya has accomplished milestones in processing of land title deeds.

According to the website of Ministry of Lands, the Government has issued over six million titles since Kenya attained independence.

The website reveals that the survey of Kenya determines where the land is in form and then register it.

The report discloses that the survey of Kenya officers collect data in the field and bring it to the titling center for processing.

“We are now able to address and finalize  adjudication of programs which we started way back in the 1950’s.We also want  urban trading centers  to have titles and we have come  up with  ways of addressing this,” the website says.

The report points out that survey of Kenya has achieved a lot in surveying and mapping Kenya’s international boundaries particularly with Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.

The Ministry of Lands, points out that the same will continue with Somalia and Southern Sudan boundaries.

Mr Cesaire Mbaria, the Head survey of Kenya says;

“In Ruaraka, where we have most of over production activities ,we have a state -of- the art Kenya Geospatial Data Centre, which is now complete,  we are equipping it to mordenise mapping and producing data.”

The Department of Survey points out that Kenya Geodetic Referencing is a new system that helps Survey of Kenya to pick property boundaries unlike before where boundaries were not well defined.

 Survey of Kenya is mandated to provide for quality control, and assurance and compatibility of geospatial data provided by various organizations.

The Ministry report says that Survey of Kenya has expertise in geodetic and survey, land survey, astronomy, International boundary surveys and other related fields in geospatial technology. It started dealing with data in 1903.

Survey of Kenya is a key player in special programs such as titling based at the National Titling Centre (NTC).NTC is  the source of titles for  unregistered land  and incorporates key departments involved in  land registration .

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