Jubilee’s sterling record in health


The Jubilee government has successfully implemented the health promises it pledged to the people of Kenya, a recent Health ministry was told.

In the manifesto, Jubilee pledged to provide free maternity services at public hospitals, make healthcare accessible to the people, equip hospitals and set up county referral hospitals.

President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the free maternity programme immediately he came to office. At the same time, he directed that children below the age of five get free medical services in public hospitals.

The free maternity services, the ministry symposium was told, have resulted in a 61 per cent increase of the number of women delivering in public health facilities. The number of mothers delivering in public health facilities has gone up from 665,000 in 2013 to 1,079,000 now.

In turn, the number of maternal deaths has reduced by 2000 a year.

By increasing access to vaccines, mosquito nets, HIV medicines and better nutrition for children, the Jubilee Government has achieved a remarkable reduction in infant deaths by 20,000 and under-5 mortality by 33,000 deaths annually.

HIV prevalence rate has reduced from a high of 13 per cent to 5.6 per cent as a result of prevention, care and treatment.

The ministry has also surpassed Kenya’s global target in the reduction of TB as a result of 90 per cent success in treatment. Detection of TB has improved, making it possible to identify 82,000 new cases before they get critical.

Another score for the government is the Managed Equipment Scheme that has been rolled out to improve specialised access to health services in every county. So far, six hospitals have received all the equipment in the programme.

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