10,000 jobs for NYS graduates

National Youth Service graduates will benefit from the greatest job find abroad in Kenya’s history.

As a result of their excellent training and service to communities, the graduates will benefit from 10,000 job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, a report of the Devolution and Planning ministry has disclosed.

Titled ‘Activities and Achievement on Youth 2013-2015’, the document states: ‘’The ministry is currently processing 10,000 skilled ex-NYS graduates for export to the UAE under the agreement reached by His Excellency the President with the UAE government.’’

But placement for jobs abroad is not restricted to NYS graduates. Other young people also get the opportunity. Already, the ministry has helped 3,519 young people get jobs abroad through the Youth Employment Scheme Secretariat.

‘’The programme is run in partnership with the ministries of Labour and Foreign Affairs, International Organisation for Migration and private employment agencies recognised by the Labour ministry,’’ the report points out.

Before they leave the country, those who get the opportunities through agencies are given pre-departure training.

‘’The purpose of this training is to prepare would-be employees for the new work environment and what to expect in foreign countries. The training is also on immigration requirements and procedure of processing travel documents,’’ the report explains.

Between July and September last year, 1,004 young people were helped to get jobs and given pre-departure training.

The NYS rebranding last year has attracted not just local but also international attention. Foreign delegations have visited the NYS from Ghana and Lesotho. They are determined to implement similar programmes in their countries. The Ghanaian delegation followed the visit of President John Mahama.

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